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Mar 23, 2009



You are so right - so much better to buy the real thing. I despair about the cost, but it's a wonderful investment piece, and so Belle du Jour.

Melissa Brown

Oh yeah......these are so very,very gorgeous! Mama likes! :)

bonbon oiseau

i do love love love the burberry...better to flash folks or sell trinkets out of the innards from the real thing i always say...


thanks for the history, so interesting! I wonder why the american store gets a lesser quality fabric?

Brittany Noel

The only part of this post that I really NEEDED to read was the part about hand grenades. It's comments like that that make me feel right at home here!! Also, these coats are gorgeous. I like D, with the fancy little front capelet.

It's really nice that the salesman actually told you about the cheaper fabric and about the history. It seems that too often, salespeople will just lie to get your commission. I told a customer the other day that our cookies (Starbucks) weren't as good as the local bakery's (which is so undeniably true) and she was so surprised and thanked me for being so honest. If goods in the US weren't so crappy, salespeople wouldn't have to lie!

Sorry for that rant. Haha. But, really, love the coats!


Brittany. I love you!
Seriously, thank you for noticing the hand-grenade mention. I *almost* didn't include it, because I am a pacifist. But it was so funny to me, when I wrote it out!

I know...I have no idea about the fabric. Perhaps it is because America is a much more consumption-oriented place. Our consumption at the time was out of control (this was around the time that Louis Vuitton, Coach and the like were getting to be household names)...and because we are fed by buying, buying, buying, they knew we wouldn't even think about quality.

Or-- and this is a big or-- maybe it's b/c the pricepoint had to be at a certain level because marketing told them it did...or maybe to fill a container with trenchcoats and get it across the Atlantic, they had to be way lighter.

I don't know. But I could feel the difference.

Incidentally, I love it when people at a shop recommend outside of their shop. Actually, it makes me more likely to go back-- when I know the employees are friendly and helpful. You're totally right. God, those must have been some GOOD cookies you recommended. yum.

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