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Mar 30, 2009



Ooh, I'm digging the purple one, too. Even framing one single card would be super cute.


me too! I really can't get enough of that color! It's gorgeous with the gold...


yknow i had just happened across this before reading your post, so i might as well relate the two, no?


i love those! ooh, you've got me thinking about ways to display them now.

Melissa Brown

Wow.....gorgeous! I love, love that purple one too. Thank you for the inspiration hun!


What a great roundup! Your pick is my pick too — reminds me of a beautiful feature I recently saw in MS Living.


thank you! ooh. really? Poor paper-person that I am, I never get to splurge on Martha magazines. I should really spend more time over on the MS site, though...but if I did, I'd do all her crafts, and none of mine. ha ha :)


Not so long ago this girl – who is a loyal reader of this blog – read this lovely post and fell for these cards though she had never considered before the idea of collecting these type of things. Well, she headed for the site recommended in the post and had to indulge and bought a couple of cards, after all they weren't that expensive. Now that she has received her cards order by mail, she is very happy to own them but doesn't really know what to do with them...

See Susy, you are very persuasive blogger. If I had more money I'd probably go and end buying most of the things you show here! I love them all.


I really like this post. It's cool to see that someone else appreciates vintage playing cards as well. I posted a two part series about cards last week. The purple one is hot.


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