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Mar 20, 2009



I love those marc jacobs shoes too!


I want to be in New York - so inspiring! Love that post.

Brittany Noel

haha, I've always had that same thought about Marc by Marc Jacobs! Never would've guessed if he hadn't spelled it right out for me there...

Anyway, I love your picks. The jewelry is to die for! And soap packaged with a crystal? Yes please!


Love, love the earrings - both sets. They look like clusters of bubbles. So sweet for spring.


Oh- I forgot to mention, the soap and the pink necklace and the blouse *are* actually in the affordable category (the necklace and the blouse are from Forever21) ...but for me, with all the expenses leading up to the stationery show, nothing is affordable anymore! I have to save up! :)

Melissa Brown

Oh, those shoes......and those earrings......*sigh*

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