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Mar 25, 2009



This post just did me a world of good.


I'm exactly the same way. When I fold my laundry I hope no one will ever see all my clothes together because they'd laugh at all the grey and black I own. I just write it off as a New York thing. ha.

Brittany Noel

Love this post, Susy!! I keep trying to incorporate more color, and it all ends of being rich, deep shades or muted color. Nothing bright enough! Haha. I guess we're alike that way. Those pants, though. Mmmm. I would wear those everyday! Especially with that white top. It's so fresh. I will get an outfit like that! Thanks for the inspiration!


I wish I could look that cute in pink pants. I just don't see it. maybe it's a confidence thing? I think I'll stick to the pink lip gloss and work my way up (or down).

Melissa Brown

*sigh* That orange dress is just so very beautiful.......
I love it and I love this colorful post....


Ah! Thank you so much everyone! I will keep you posted on what happens with my search for color...perhaps Pink Pants are on the horizon...or maybe green?

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