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Apr 20, 2009



I really want to listen the juicy details of this break-up!


Karen-- I took out the ex-boyfriend part of the post because I was worried that my dear, loving, current boyfriend Kurt, might think it was about him. Which is is not! : )

But...yes, I'm breaking up with Ikea. For good.!

Account Deleted

You are brilliant my friend! This is a genius way to describe ones relationship with IKEA! :)


I was hoping that the fact I seem *unable* to deal with Ikea...well...I was hoping that it wasn't just me. Whenever I shop there, I feel like just about the most incapable, unlucky person around. It's so awful.


I love your IKEA posters. Seriously, the Hawk and I went around IKEA last week saying, "SHIT! WE FORGOT THE UFBARG! Do you have the Vornklot?" and then collapsing into peals of laughter.


Having just spent an unproductive weekend at Ikea ourselves, from which we walked away only with a 10 pack of AA batteries (although we went with much grander expectations), this post (and the accompanying image) made me laugh out loud. So insightful!


oh my word. you are hilarious! i totally agree with you. keep running and dont turn back. no "breakup sex" either!


omg I dated Ikea. the boy, not the store. to a T. hahah wow this made me laugh. I just wish my mom would've said something BEFORE I wasted 2 yrs only to realize all this on my own. yeah, run away.


I'm so glad you guys enjoyed reading this. I was SO beside myself when I got back from Ikea on Sunday night. I felt like I'd spent the day getting used and abused...

Blogging about it made me feel so much better. But I promise not to get rant-y too often. :)


God. I'm so glad I'm not alone. Seriously, this is basically the same thing that happened to me! But, I left with a bunch of clothes hangers. : /


You are too funny! I'm sorry for the bad experience. I tend to stay away except for items that I'm aware will be disposable. I hope you find a new relationship with a store that treats you well.

CHIC Sensibility

So sorry. I tend to get lost at Ikea as well as lose myself. I've wasted a lot of my life in that place.


ha ha, what a great post!! Of course everyone can totally relate to this one. I remember when I built my first Ikea desk and it literally crumbled apart as I was drilling it together! My favorite line of yours: "remember the time he told you he would build you that adult-sized treehouse, but ended up giving you a shoebox and a yard of twine?" Can I quote you on that? Awesome.


I'm so glad you can relate. I seriously feel victimized whenever I go there. And over the years...well, it seems to be getting worse.

Honestly, as a consumer, I'm just not going to pay to be treated like that anymore. Even if it means I'm paying a little more, or going a little further....

You can definitely quote me on the shoebox and twine! That was my favorite part, too!! I nestled it in there...I'm glad you saw it and liked it. ;)



Funny post! I've laid off of IKEA furniture for a while mainly because I'm concerned that the mass-produced MDF furniture may use a glue with toxic formaldehyde (like most MDF furniture.) And putting together an IKEA piece of furniture should be part of an Alleve commercial — I always get a headache trying to figure out those illustrated directions! One purchase I have enjoyed from there of late is my IKEA mattress. Surprising but true.

Susan Reiner

Hey, Susy -
This is your friend Susan. You and the others above may have broken up with IKEA, but, even though I am married, I still keep returning for those secret morning or afternoon meetings - not often, maybe once or twice a year, mostly before trade shows when I need HIM most, but I am never disappointed. But I definitely know IKEA's limits, which is why I am not married to him! And you can NEVER spend time with IKEA on the weekend.

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