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Apr 17, 2009


Account Deleted

Oh my! How gorgeous! That lamp, those urchins, that table! Yum, yum....
Thank you hun and have a fantastic weekend!


i was just in there last weekend, such beautiful things and near a great brunch spot.


Eeek. sweet shop. I've been looking for a lamp like those!


he he he, great post!

Kellie Collis

The chandelier is gorgeous and so versatile

barb blair / knack studios

hi there.. I'm new to your blog through seven spoons! I love it, and I love the table you picked here!


Thank you so much Barb! I love your blog...And thank you for taking the time to let me know you like Hey S. I love this table too- even though there is not a lot to it, what *is* there is really solid, beautiful and thoughtful. It's probably my favorite thing up there :)



I covet that table. Truly.

I have an ongoing folder of design ideas for our remodel, and I just dragged that image into it. Lovely picks, as always!


PS I just went to Hudson's site, and I would adore the Brigitte Side Table as a nightstand. Gorgeous.

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