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Apr 15, 2009



Wait a second...Sara Fertitta? Is she related to Hansoffa Fertitta?

Yes, I am twelve.


Who is Hansoffa? Is that a name I should know? Or is that the person whose monogrammed sweaters *you* had to wear? haha.

No...her brother's name is Danny. She really did have nice sweaters, tho.

bonbon oiseau

love these! speaking of monogramming...i had iron-on everything when i was little--obsessed with it..i still have a little t-shirt that says "debbie" written lengthwise down the front--i learned in art school that lettering down somehow violates some rule or something and somehow it negated my entire childhood. damn.


I just hung some beautiful linen monogrammed guest towels in a bathroom. I wish I had this chart...I may have done differently with the style.

Thank you though!!


Account Deleted

SO cool! I love them too.....Too dear, you hoping for the best with the hand me down sweaters(you are adorable Sus)


Being one of the Chosen People, I monogram everything J-E-W.

P.S. Designers' Brew sent me over. You have a gorgeous site!

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