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Apr 21, 2009



i love the dress! the link you posted goes to the garter belt; where is the dress from?


Hi...oops! It's fixed now! ;)

Account Deleted

I LOVE it! I used to wear cowboy boots(black Justins) all around the city in college....folks used to ask if I ever took them off(as I wore them EVERY day) with anything! I say "viva le cowboy boot" hee hee. AND bloomers! Go sus!


I happen to love cowboy boots the most of any other footwear (except maybe flip flops?)


I ADORE cowboy boots and it was all I could do to not buy some dusty rose ones I saw over the winter. Um, but it is also true that I also love clogs...

Miss K

I love "cheapo earrings" they are the best! Those ones you picked out are adorable.


Me too! They're such a guilty pleasure. But, for me, always good to have because I lose things constantly. That way I don't have to worry about it. In the summer, I always splurge on a bit o' cheapo.

xx s


I know. It took me a while to deal with your Case for Clogs. But, I love you. And therefore, I love your clogs. Rock and Roll!

bonbon oiseau

i love everything cowgirl...love all these picks suzy..you ARE my sunshine..

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