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Apr 06, 2009



I love this post. I'm all about the cozy familiar, the things we remember from our youth that can still comfort us in unexpected ways.


Thank you Helen! (I was pretty proud of it, myself!)

I am too... I spend a lot of time, lately, pondering where my asthetic came from... and I'm beginning to think those early memories are very responsible.

I'm really happy you liked this post. I enjoyed writing it.

Melissa Brown

Oh, this is so lovely Sus.....yes, all the car trips and errands and wistful thoughts as we stared out the car window as the world went by. *sigh*


I love that car. Our family cars switched up a lot because they were always breaking down on us, but as kids we didn't mind because it was surprise to see what was next! My poor parents!


I do remember staring out the window a lot, Melissa! Perhaps that's why we're all so visual, today.

Kate- I know! Ours were always like one step from totally crapping out. It's a miracle we made it anywhere! Some of our later, used cars live in infamy in my family, they were such crapmobiles. There's one that we call 'The Kmart Scrambler' haha.


i would like nothing more than to have that car! if i had all the money in the world, i wouldn't buy a fancy new car - i'd buy an old volvo. i just love them. my family had one we drove everywhere when i was young as well... i'm so sad we got rid of it. i also love your blog.


My dream car is kinda funny. I love old bronco convertibles! every since I saw the movie Empire Records I've wanted one.I think it would be fun to convert it to biodiesel kitchen grease =) hmmmm...
I might have to post a picture of my dream car on my blog now...

Brittany Noel

This is such a great post! Totally brings back memories of my mom's old black car. It was big and ugly, bu tit got us everywhere we needed to go!

bonbon oiseau

man you just made me miss my dad's olivde green pontiac..but lady you are totally missing akeychain up there..ahem!


Daaaaang, you're right. Oh no! Your keychains are seriously the best- and they are just what I was looking for...but I forgot you make fobs...as well as all that amazing jewelry. Durrrrh. I can't believe I spaced on that!

Molly Irwin

suzy: what a fun post! Our family had an old late 60's model Peugeot station wagon. It's one of those things that most certainly set the standard for me as I developed my own taste for design. Thanks for conjuring up that old memory this morning.

Love your blog.

bonbon oiseau

aww..you're so cute--i was just kidding!

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