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Apr 24, 2009



I can't believe it's been almost year now! I remember last year you were working so hard for your attendance at that stationery show. It was very interesting following your first steps there. I'm sure you'll make it great again.


reiss has such gorgeous stuff! i don't know why they don't get more attention

Account Deleted

Ooh...that belt and that color! I love it, hope you had a terrific weekend hun!


I'd just like to buy her legs. Please.

Account Deleted

thanks for the find! Totally lovely. We picked our fav's from the spring summer collection and posted them on Fashionable at http://www.Bloomacious.net

bleueyed beauty

Found your site via coco&kelly.
Gorgeous clothes through Reiss -- thank you for the inspiration on a boring day at work!


how do you save photos like ones on this website where you can't just right click and click "save picture as"?


screen grab, m'dear.


Thanks! Glad to hear you liked the post.


Thank you! I'm really happy you like the blog. I would love to have all of these clothes...but first, probably, should get to the gym! ; )

me melodia

Ohhh i love your mypick look.
Sharp eye.

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