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May 07, 2009


Brittany Noel

I vastly prefer art/design that makes me think. It's so easy to make something pretty. But to make something that makes people think... Soooo much harder. I'll be wrestling with doing just that for my senior show in the fall. As an artist, though, it's nice to make balance of both. Making people think takes a lot of energy, it's nice to be able to relax and do other projects too... Long enough comment?


I love that bottle too! These are all so great....off to browse.

Account Deleted

lovely roundup. thanks for the find- cibone was new to me.


No, never, I LOVE your comments, Brittany!!

mmm. I agree. If you can get the balance, it is always a magical thing. I always try for that...but it is, indeed, hard.

I'm so excited you are having a sr. show. I had one, once, and it was such a great experience...but very anxiety inducing to prepare for! I hope you're going to take photos and post them for all of us to see!


You're welcome...me too. I found them during a sleepless night- I saw a photo of the plaid sofa they have and looked them up. I was so happy to see what they had there. I found alot of it to be really interesting...some of it is more traditional, and some of it is more avant garde.
: )

Account Deleted

So wonderful.....that little perfume bottle is the cutest thing ever! Thanks hun!


Nice finds, I have never heard of cibone. Very lovely! I need that lamp, BTW

Linda :: alamodestuff

I absolutely agree with you. Sometimes I purposely add a hint of ugly or quirky to my outfit or a tabletop display. It makes things more interesting and unique!

elle moss

Love your picks! Yes, beauty is mostly easy (i wont say always, though). I prefer smart design as well.

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