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May 29, 2009


seesaw designs

I LOVE looking at interiors but don't seem to have the capability to make my home look as great as I imagine it could be (or maybe I just need more money! ha).

Great post.

Account Deleted

That is awesome! I love the color gray they have used here and all of the personal choices and touches are really great! With the unexpected pops of pink in there....make it really fun and unique!


Thanks, ladies!

I wish we could paint our place...but my Boyfriend really likes the shade of new-agey green that it came with :/
...Maybe some day, but I"ll have to work that angle veeery slowly.
xx s


ooo yes... i saw this and thought, first. i love her for moving in and taking over and then: grey? more intimate? but man..it totally works...and i love the big letters and hot pink touches...you have quite the eye ladycakes!


those wood letters are so fun! i used wood letters in our last place to mark different cities under a series of clocks (at the time my hubs was trading from home so it was cute + functional). i love the font style of these much more though.


Love the grey walls, floor and couch paired with the brighter colors. I feel like the norm is to paint the walls and tone down the furniture... inspiring interiors!


Love it, its fun and not precious


I love how you put that...'not precious'...so true. It feels different...but not cutesy. I'm all for that. : )

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