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Jun 18, 2009


Account Deleted

YAY! Congratulations hunnie! That is awesome, I can't wait to see the lucky piece!
And I looooove these picks! That wallet, that necklace, that hair piece, the gloves!

Clementine Cassie

Congrats on the Lucky love, Susy! That's fabulous.


Three cheers for your Lucky shout-out! You deserve it.

Loving that bonbon...and those gloves.


Thanks, ladies! I was pretty pleased about it myself. It makes me feel good to know the items I spend so much time working on are making the grade. : )

susie q

So glad I found your blog. I'm a huge SusyJack fan! Love the GemmaRedux necklace. Congrats on Lucky!

bonbon oiseau

hooray susyjack! that's great news and what a wonderful surprise to find a bonbon up there in lights among your other always beautiful picks...thank you suzy!

suzie chaney

Congrats! I just wanted to let you know I have posted a link to your SusyJack* shop on my blog, I am so impressed by it!


oh goodness, everyone! thank you so much for such nice comments. i am really smiling as i write this...thank you for taking the time to give me such a wonderful pick-me-up!

and mlle. bonbon, you are most welcome! ;)

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