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Jun 17, 2009



I adore that green one -- very Kate Spade meets Virginia Johnson.

bonbon oiseau

holy wonderfulness. i didn't even know what a foulard is until i got here. i am making you a banner for MOST EDUCATIONAL BLOG. take that LUcky!


I had no idea what a foulard was til I wrote this, either!! But, when I found out, I was powerless not to share. The phrase "Dude, Where's My Foulard" Would NOT leave me be.

la la la...I am ed-u-cat-ion-alll! whee!


That is a great collection!! I just bought some vintage scarfs and used them to make cushion covers, I really like the designs but am not a scarf-person and collecting them is a great idea but I have already to many collections going on ;-))

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