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Jun 30, 2009


bonbon oiseau

i love how you've stated it...i couldn;t agree with you more..my grandmother had a pair of these and i use toplay with them and also the tassles on her curtains--(the tassles were girls with long beautiful hair and the scissors were her pet peacock (i thought they were peacocks doh...)...thansk for bringing back a sweet little memory suse...

susie q

My aunt, who taught me to needlepoint and embroider, had a pair of these. I always coveted them. Then a couple of birthdays ago, my sister surprised me with a pair. I just love them -- and they are among my favorite things for the very reason you stated.


Wow, this is spot-on, Susy. I have to say, I feel the same way.


Yay! I had hope, when I posted this, that it would resonate with other people. It's so strange how we have these items in our culture which so many people use...and they have a different meaning or point of reference for each of us. :)...and yet, there's a commonality there. It's fascinating to me. : )

Brittany Noel

I completely agree. Objects that exist, and are used and cherished, that are designed just to be pretty. A pair of scissors that looks like a stork. Beautiful. My mom has a pair of these in her bedroom.


... this is my first time seeing them. i don't have enough ways to say wow wow wow.


Really Julie? Wow! I'm so happy to have posted them! They are really one of the best things in life, in my opinion. :)

other than pizza and lipstick.


i have a pair and i love them. so cute and perfect.


You know, I always find that when I post something really random...like combs or stork scissors, my readers totally get it. And that always makes me feel so good!

I never had a pair of these, myself...but I might have to buy some as a treat...and get a cool chain for them so I can wear them around when I'm crafting up a storm. :)

Account Deleted

You are so right hun, and these are so awesome!
I love that Kurt just casually had a pair...:)

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