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Jun 23, 2009


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Oh, I love this so much! I love seeing a collage of things that inspire you and I love hearing what each one means to you. Just beautiful hun and all of these are such fantastic reminders.


i love the different textures in that necklace...so pretty and unexpected!


I'm glad you like the post...I had to take a minute to realize why each one called out to me...but I'm glad I did. :)


I know...I love the way the chain kind of pours out of those floral shapes! It looks natural and so pretty and wearable!


Beautiful collection. That butterfly really speaks to me. Also, is it time yet to lie down in a patch of clover? Just checking.


I know...I like seeing a butterfly going about it's daily business, rather than splayed out like it's been stuck through with a pin...

Indeed it is time to lie in fields of clover! Or, in fields of pizza...or in fields of baby hamsters...haha


oh oops, i forgot to mention, i put that pic of the red shoes up there for you!! it made me think of good things to come, and that you will have a wonderful day. :)


I love Tiffanys line. So delicate and pretty!


Hello fabulous finds.


so cool to see that my red shoes gave you inspiration - Thanks, I love your blog.


You've put this together wonderfully. =)


I'm a little late but thanks for including my Butterfly print in your post!

Great to have come across your blog :)


You are very welcome!
It is my pleasure. The print is just wonderful!

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