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Jun 26, 2009


Account Deleted

ahhh.....I am so with you. Absolute perfection and absolutely gorgeous! I love it all. Have a fantastic weekend hun! I hope you had a great time at the lake!

susie q

Just fabulous. I want them all!


oh i know. i love their website. my fave collection is the lt camus, the military fusion is gorgeous.
it breaks my bank though!


I know...I look at her work, and I just can't imagine the process that goes into sort-of "curating" each piece...they're so unexpected, but at the same time, make so much sense!

Raquel Raney

oh my god is correct.


Wow! This jewellery is amaaazzzing!


OMG. i'm in love with this line. thanks for bringing it to my attention!!


you are very welcome. it is my pleasure! I love it when I find jewelry like this...it's a visual feast! She is so talented it defies logic. : )


I actually fell in love with their jewelry and have purchased the necklace. Sadly, the teeny balls started to fall off.

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