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Jul 28, 2009


Kaelea Ann

I pretty much buy a swatch every year. LOVE THIS! i had the the turq banded one with the pink face in grade school!! extremely FANTASTIC color palettes!!!!!!!


oooh! I remember that one!!! Rachel Quinn got that one after she broke her polka-dot one. But I think she had it in the yellow/purple palette.

I wish *I* was the CEO of Swatch. I would seriously die to design watch faces.


LOVE these (of course I love everything 80s but still)!!! My BFF (boy) had a big swatch with flags as the numbers...used to steal it all the time!! Seriously, I wish I had one today...maybe the paisley? :-)

bonbon oiseau

totally. swatches are deliciously amazing. i loved my swatch. you are a swatch princess my dear.

Account Deleted

Wow, these bring back memories....such a cool find!


WOW...I never realized my inner "swatchness" until reading this...I had the bubble gum pink one- remember the scratch and sniff smelly swatches?? And then I purchased the special edition olympics swatch from the atlanta summer games. annie leibovitz did some black and white photographs for it and it's RAD. I still have it along with the lovely box that came with it. It was a gift to myself for my 3 weeks of working The Olympics and I still HEART IT to this day....Now I covet the largest, hugest big face swatch in gold or glossy white...Hmmm....Thanks for the fun flashback!


Holly, Your comment totally made my whole day!! I seriously love that other people get as excited about this stuff as I do. The pink watch is AWESOME. I saw the Olympic one yesterday...it is great. I think that one is actually pretty rare! The one I covet is the white one with the black face...typical old-person new waver that I am. haha


omg! love swatches and am happily strolling down memory lane over at squiggly right now.


I so wanted a Swatch watch when I was a kid. Funny, I've been thinking of trying to find a retro '80s one. Something with a bit of colour and fun.

Dana Cordova

OMG, I think I definately owned the paisley one...Thanks for taking me back!


You're welcome. It's so great to be "taken back"...I often end up searching weird things from my childhood, just to get that feeling. : )


I still have the Pink Flamingo (polka dot) one. This post made me so nostalgic and giddy!

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