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Jul 31, 2009


Account Deleted

So fantastic! That necklace! Swoon, swoon, swoon! Great picks hun, I hope you have a fantastic weekend my dear!


Fantastic picks, as usual darlin! Although bugs and I are not the bestest of friends, I would totally gear up with these chic pieces. And have you seen the camp stationery from ph design? Charming camper stationery, I want to get some for myself.



I hope you do, too! Where the heck did July go???

I can't believe it's gonna be August already. sheesh.


oh, yes...i love that stationery big time! it's a really, really cute idea.

i know...i'm not great with the buggies either. ladybugs, i can do. all others stay back!


You always choose such lovely things!! I never want to miss a day.


Thank you so much, Gina. I am so happy to hear you enjoy the finds. I love finding them!!

BTW you can always subscribe (there's a little box up there for an email address)... Basically, then, the post comes right to your inbox. It's pretty neat.


Hey scout...
Thought you'd like these!


These graphics and visuals are fun!
Love your things...KEEP IT COMING! :-)

jen jafarzadeh

I love those saddle shoes! I'm such a dork and happy to see the trend in oxfords. I want to pick up a pair.


Me too! I used to have a pair in 4th grade-- I got them @thom mcann. They were totally battered and beat up, and that made them look even better!

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