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Aug 17, 2009



oooooh, amazing collection!
I'm so ready for fall and these pieces only add to my desire!

{ Lindsey }


I think the dresses are great!One of my best friends is travelling in Russia at the moment, can't wait for her to get back to share photos and inspiration!


Love the dresses, and thanks for the tip on the article. Very, very interesting. Enough cocktail party conversation for several months!


Thank you all!
I love these too...they feel so oldy-worldy! And the colors are rich and beautiful.

Lana-- that's amazing about your friend! I bet you'll have lots to talk about when she gets back!

Jeannie, I'm glad you liked the article...I was so happy to find it, and I read both installments.

eva / sycamore street press

Love this post! My husband lived in Russia for a couple of years and his stories are so intriguing. He has one of those big fur hats and I fully intend on borrowing it this winter!

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