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Aug 03, 2009


Account Deleted

*sigh* Ikat, so awesome to find out how it's made....I am deeply in love with the geometric designs that are so popular but, these are so awesome as well! Thanks Sus!


Me too... I love it all. Somehow, finding out how it is made, and the history of it makes me love it even more!!

Missing you...so excited for Ez's big journey!

Clementine Cassie

Wow, these are a visual feast. And I had no idea that's how ikat was made. You're right, that gives it a whole new layer of coolness. Where does it originate, do you know? Pakistan? Kashmir? Bhutan? Or is it African?


Hmm. I think these are West Asian (so...from Afghanistan, Khazakstan...) The link to the Victoria and Albert has a really cool history portion that explains the political climate when these were made...I guess it was a time of great hope and happiness-- funny how the world has changed. But, you can see the vibrant spirit they must have felt in these textiles!

I know other cultures also employ the Ikat technique-- but I don't know when it was innovated!


Ahh, the second one is just lovely.

Kaelea Ann

these are great (and thanks for the link!)!!!!

i have been recreating the ikat in photoshop as my company cannot afford the real deal! what a bitch for such beautiful pattern!! if you want the details to make your own, i would be happy to share!


wowza! so that's how it's done!?! I always appreciate your angle on things Susy, thanks for the 411. Kaelea, I'd love to see some of the patterns you've created for your company. Share share share!

susie q

Gorgeous. I just LOVE ikat!


so beautiful. the colors are amazing.

bonbon oiseau

suzy, just thanks for making ikat even more magical. thanks a lot...


I'm so happy you guys got a kick out of this! You all probably can relate...you do a blog post-- esp. as a visual blogger, and wonder...does anyone read it?

It makes me happy to know my visitors love this kind of information. I love it too! : )


Really? I'd love to see....altho i know it's probably confidential!

I am contemplating trying something with it...but I'm not sure. I just may take you up on that. You are a brilliant genius for figuring it out...and a giving soul for offering to share!


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