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Aug 26, 2009



such a great idea!

The Consummate Hostess

Thank you for the introduction to this beautiful work.


You are quite welcome! It is my pleasure! I absolutely love how her work looks on the black backgrounds...it's really striking and poetic!


Margaret Oomen

this was such a fantastic surprise after a 11 hour work day.
thanks so much susy and I love your desk calendar


Thank you, Margaret! The are soothing, aren't they?

I am also so happy to hear you like the Desk Cal. : ) Thank you for taking the time to let me know!


Brittany Noel

I love these mushroom prints! Her work has always intrigued me. The natural forms and shapes are so beautiful.


Wow, wow, wow, absolutely stunning, who knew crochet could be so cool?!


Yes-- her work never fails to inspire me. I love seeing where she is taking things...new interpretations of round shapes...and the prints are so fascinating~!

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