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Sep 08, 2009


Carolina Eclectic

Love, LOVE these shoes! I also love the idea of using foreign coins inside of them. Very clever:)


me too... my dad is originally from the u.k. so we have all sorts of great english coins...i have a total love affair with them!

but i also love the old american pennies. and, these shoes are so comfy once they age a bit. classic!


I just got a pair of Bass Weejuns over the summer after a lifetime of improper fittings and returns. Loafers and tweed signal the return of my favorite time of the year!


I have three pairs of loafers and love them all! Can't wait to update them with some classic coins...


I remember being little (under 10, maybe 7?) and infuriating my older, cooler cousins by pulling the pennies out of their loafers.


Yay Everybody! I'm so glad you liked this post, and glad it brought back memories. Me too. : )


Awwwh! You just reminded me that I have a pair from last year in the closet. I can't wait to bust them out again!

Max White @ Coin Collecting Software

Susy, I'm a coin lover. I collect US pennies and I couldn't help noticing you posted a photo of an item that interests me a lot!


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