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Sep 29, 2009


Kate (Birdcage Cards)

Ha! I totally get your white on white love. I adore my white kitchen - cabniets, counters, sink - all white. But the slightest bit of grime stands out from 100 yards away! Hey, at least it keeps me honest and clean!

Oouu, and for those lovely pillows my pick is that one with the busy print in the first row on the right. The print is messy and cluttered looking, but in the most beautiful way. Thanks for sharing!


Wow! The courage to have a white on white kitchen is heroic!! I bet it looks amaaaazing.
I like that upper right one, too. I totally agree about the messy quality-- the branches are so beautiful in that design. : )


oooh I love all these. I love mixing different patterns and textures. That chair is awesome!

Sasha K

I love that chair. And the pillows. But that chair is awesome. And while I love to look at white on white, I think I'd get bored with it in my own home. That, and I'd get it filthy within seconds.

Account Deleted

wow...wow...wow! These are absolutely gorgeous and those white on white ones are to die!


haha, me too. maybe it's just my unrequited wish to be more clean and organized. a white/white space in my home would probably get waaaay dirty, too. : )


yay! so happy you all like these as much as i do!


LOVE! The sequined blanket needs to be in my house stat.


Love these! Esp the white on white like you and the yellow/gray/silver one!


...that yellow color IS delicious, isn't it?
I'd love to have that sequined blanked chez moi, too...to display...or to wear? : )


Wow! I love Bonita's pillows...so great!


I love the Adam and Viktoria pillows, awesome find!

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