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Sep 24, 2009



i heart your picks. especially the vintage hotel tag. i want it so bad!


Love the LOVE!

Leigh @ Constant Cravings

perfectly timed. I'm on the verge of going to a place where I can do the work I want to do. Fingers crossed, prayers have been prayed. Here's hoping that the hard work pays off!


So glad you guys are feeling the key fob picks!! I love them all...Now I just need to get more keys that need fobs!

Leigh-- that is great news!! Early Congratulations!
It will pay off... you should pat yourself on the back for taking that big step! :)

Brittany Noel

I've always loved the Pretenders, courtesy of my mom. She has such a voice and you can really feel her passion. Great picks!

suzie chaney

I completely agree with your comments on beauty. And I have to say, I was so in love with Chrissie in my teens, she captured everything I aspired to. Still lovin' her now!


Me too- I am so glad you guys like Chrissie H. too. She's a source of inspiration for me. Here in NYC, it's easy to feel like a hag, walking around, there are SO many people who look SO good. I think of people like her, and remember that sometimes, because I'm trying to do what I love...I don't have time to look perfect. And *that* probably looks great. : )

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