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Sep 11, 2009


Account Deleted

Oh my! It is gorgeous hun! Thank you so much....what did I miss yesterday? I will have to look!


I'm so happy you like the card design!

Honestly, if I do say so myself, it makes me happy just looking at that big bunch of funny flowers! :)

tracie stier-johnson

thank you, thank you!! it's beautiful ... love it!


Yay, Miss Tracie! Feel free to send the link around for it. It's a fun lil thing for Friday. :)


Beautiful card indeed! Thanks for sharing.


can i use it for my twitter icon? i love it.


hey eileen!! be my guest! thank you for asking-- that is a great idea...i should do some little icons for my next freebie. so fun! : ) susy


oh susy, thanks for the permission but twitter won't accept it, toooo big even after shrinking. thank u anyway.


This is absolutely gorgeous Susy! You are too too kind! Lucky us! Thanks so much hun!


Beautiful design! I've always admired your art and style. :)


so so beautiful! i love the design


Hi there! I'm happy you like it!...after a crazy week last week, it felt good to make something fun and cheerful!

Thank you Ez...for the mention! : )


Sww, this is DARLING! Thanks so much for sharing, I'll be linking to this. LOVE!


Hey Rachel! Yay! Link away... I am really glad you like it. I'm looking forward to making more downloads in the future. Even though I'm in the paper business...and rely on selling my work much of the time... I think there is a lot to be said for doing things just for the fun of it. I am happy to see people agree! This was kind of an experiment for me...it worked! : ) susy


Thank you for this one - unfortunately, my thank you looks like a blog comment and not a wonderful and artistic bunch of flowers.... But that will change now!


that's okay. i'll take a comment with pleasure! ; )

Happy you like the card. I hope to do a couple more later on this year. This was so much fun.

Amy @ Living Locurto

This is so pretty! Thanks:-)


you're welcome! :)



Can you please tell me the name of the font that you are using in "Hey SUSY"


Nope. Sorry. Proprietary Secret!
If it wasn't for my actual logo or identity, I'd be happy to tell you...but the logo and script face are elements I like to keep to myself. : )


We just featured your Adorable card in our latest blog entry! We hope you enjoy it!!


Vicki in AZ

Thank you :) This is delightful!


Hi Susy,

This is a gorgeous design for a card. I must say, I am partial to flowers ;)

I have featured this post on my "5 Great Finds" today. http://jugglingmotherhood.com/2010/08/24/5-great-finds-moon-sand-thank-you-cards-necktie-companion-fruit-roll-ups-and-fathers-day-certificate/

I hope it was ok to use a photo from your blog, please let me know if it's not.


postcard printing

Absolutely gorgeous design. Looking like real bouquet flowers to send to family and friends. Real nice work.

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