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Sep 17, 2009



Those are absolutely beautiful!!!


I DO love these masks, wonder if I can find anything of the sort where I live?! Good for ideas anyway for making my own. Thank you for sharing!


I'm so glad you like them! Yes...I also would LOVE to try making my own mask. I'll have to pick which animal to create, first! : )


Gabrielle! I love your pretty, new profile photo! So nice, as they say, to put a face to a name. xx s


Thank you! Have a beautiful weekend!

Brittany Noel

These are great, Susy! I love the patterns that are being incorporated. They'd be perfect for a birthday party, if everyone had to wear them.


Totally...I would love to have a party like that! I can only imagine what the actual cake would look like...iguana? ostrich?

: )

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