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Sep 22, 2009


Brittany Noel

Yes, love that barn. Driving through Vermont was one of my favorite times on my road trip this summer. Very calm, soothing and pleasantly (not backwardly) rural. And I am totally inspired by chickens. There are some really beautiful breeds out there!


Those earrings are darling - I love the color!

Account Deleted

Awesome ....I love that barn photograph. So glad you were inspired....chickens too.
Melis ;)


Ah...mes filles...mes amies!
I am happy you enjoyed these pretty things!
...and Brittany, I can definitely see you loving VT! ...it's weirdly wholesome, and definitely feels upscale rural. Oh. That's bad.

Buck Buck!


I love driving in the country (a lot of that here in central Illinois) and seeing a bright cheery barn, or one that is less cheery, but tells a story of a farm passed down through generations of honest working people.

Can't beat cornfields and sunshine!


Yes-- I agree. For me, barns and old homes always have such an energy. I grew up in a colonial town in Massachusetts, so I understand.

I love being near places that have history as a part of what they are. : )

Clementine Cassie

Hey, you had me at "rural." :) A good barn is the cure for all landscape woes.
Love that chicken sampler!! Mr. 94748 (if my squinting eyes read correctly) is just killing me with his "odd chicken out" looks.

Where in MA did you grow up, Susy? I'm in western Ma.


Your comment cracks me up! I grew up in Lexington, MA...so, closer to Boston, and not as rural, but definitely full of historical buildings. And re-enactors of things revolutionary.

I know...I feel bad for Mr. Odd Chicken Out. But, perhaps he's been exercising? He appears to be 'built for speed'. haha

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