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Sep 01, 2009



My goodness, Susy. This collection is just magic.

I totally agree with you, by the way. Some childhood imaginings are too precious to change.

susie q

The necklace and tiaras are simply stunning.

Brittany Noel

Wonderful post, Susy. Perfectly said. I know exactly what you mean about the nighttime changing. I think part of it is living in the city for me. Well, suburbia. Beautiful collection, I love it!

Account Deleted

Put so well, as usual....I am not keen on having my childhood packaged and sold back to me either.....but, more than that...I adore the imagery above and those tiaras? Crazy good....


I know...part of me is SO curious...and part of me thinks "Didn't Max teach me to escape using my imagination??"


Such a perfect choice of pics! Lovely


Thank you!

When I was upstate this weekend, a very near-to-full moon came up...I thought back about these colors and shapes...twillight!
xx susy

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