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Oct 30, 2009



oh lord. i want.

Clementine Cassie

Love these pretty bike accessories! I was just hit with a brilliant plan for your jelly beans, though--just put a strap on 'em and wear 'em like a helmet! Presto! portable candy + head protection in one! God, I'm so good. I should get a patent on that before someone else does....

Brittany Noel

I've fawned over this shop for so long now... Sadly, I just don't ride my bike that much. I really should, though. Then I could have these awesome accessories!


Great bags...love the ticking version.


Now THERE'S a brilliant idea! One giant rubberband, and I'm off!

I want to thank you for waking me up to the sound of my head smooshing against a bag of jellybeans as we hit the asphalt...what a sound!

You are a genius. A GENIUS!


Yay! I love these so much. I'm glad you like them too. : )
I've also been secretly stalking this store. : )


wo, that u-lock belt is crazy!

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