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Oct 12, 2009


Account Deleted

I like ooh-la-la too! So great! These seem like they are posters from another era....
It was SO fantastic to see you too darlin, though not nearly long enough!


Yeah- the xmas cards remind me of Herbert Bayer and the original, photo montage ski posters


and the paris series reminds me of textbook bauhaus


They're both iconic design styles...I like the way they're being reinterpreted here...playful and new!

I do agree, posters of these -- or stencils? would be GREAT! They remind me of stenciled street graffiti.

I wish I could see you every day! Guess blogland will have to suffice... xx s


These would be so cute in a childrens room!


definitely! I don't know if they do prints...but they should start! i can see them doing really well on etsy. : )

Marichelle + Ez

Hi Susy! Thank you so much for keeping us company AND for the words of encouragement! We appreciate every morsel of advice that you've given us so far. Ya know, we're gonna have to start carrying around a little tape recorder every time we see you. You really should write a How to... Rock it Out book. You're a genius!

x Marichelle + Ez

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