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Oct 13, 2009


Brittany Noel

Yay for a long post! Not that I don't enjoy all of your short and sweet posts :) I love the short boots, and am longing for a pair... Also, those blouses are great! Love the "hearkening back" to when women's ankles were enough to send a guy into a frenzy.

Erin @ SYL: Slipcover Your Life

Actually really loving plaid and flannel...


one time, when I lived in boston, it had been a really, really cold winter. Nobody had worn regular shoes for a LONG time. Everyone was wearing big winter boots and heaps of wool socks. One day, it was warmer. I had on long pants, and 1.5" heeled pumps. The front of my foot was showing, between my pant cuff and the shoe. I literally got checked out by this guy-- but he was checking out my feet! He said "nice shoes" and we were both laughing because everyone had been so bundled up for so long...and it was so old timey for him to be catcalling me for my ankles! haha

Bonbon Oiseau

dude this is so totally my new look for fall. i actually got how you say, trousers, and some kick-ass kind of argentine farm shoes! but now you have brought it all togeths for me--a blousy blouse! YES!!!!!! thank you love, as always, for dressing us right.

(p.s. sorry i missed you saturday--sooo sad....)

Leigh @ Constant Cravings

I adore this look, although I doubt it would work on me without some modifications. The red tights peeking out are amazing!


So, so happy you all enjoyed this! I did too! : )


I know!!! I wish I could have seen you! But, I was a little late due to getting a little lost.

I know I shouldn't say this...but that blouse would look SO good on you. Seriously. Sorry.

Bonbon Oiseau

oh you...i have been emailing and showing it to everyone who'll look. seriously suse, you are my rachel zoe but i'm looking for something a little pas cher as the frenchie's say. (but if i show up wearing this EXACT outfit and my bank account is on empty will you think i am stalking you in a way? because i am.) lovelovelove baby!

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