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Oct 27, 2009


Clementine Cassie

I love a good, chunky cable knit. That Ralph Lauren one is soooo perfect. Now all you need is a pint of guinness in a dark, peaty pub, preferably in Galway or Dingle, with a lively Gaelic trio. Can you tell I've spent a lot of time in Ireland? :)

Kaelea Ann

Um, we share the same brain.

my bff's husband is irish. these types of sweaters are not her style at all, i got to be on the inheriting side of that! HOORAY!

Oh go on, ya will!


This is awesome! My family has one too! Totally posting about this on my blog. Nice find!


I am so glad to have readers who get as excited about this stuff as I do. Seriously, these responses totally made my day.

Literally, when I found out about the clan correlary, I got this big grin, like....oh, yeah, this is SO getting posted!

...good day!


ooo i want one. theres this guy at work and he is from wales so he always wears his.
its so so cool.


sort of wishing I was Irish at this point, I would love a clan sweater. I might have to look for a new fiance...

Brittany Noel

My boyfriend is Scottish, so their clan equivalent is the tartan. Someday, I'll weave his tartan for him! Your clan sweater is pretty great :) I love Irish cable sweaters. Some of them get super crazy!


oh yay! I can't believe how many of you are cable knit lovers!

Boys in their respective clan sweaters = HOT.

Lorena Gonzalez

classic chunky cable, never goes out...great post!


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