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Oct 22, 2009


Account Deleted

How incredibly beautiful....


i find it ironic that you use "created to" (sounds like it must have a creator and have been made for a purpose) to "evolved in the ocean". irony, no?


OK, I don't know why you consider that "ironic" unless you're trying to express that I can't say what I want to how I want to on my own blog.

Basically, to make it perfectly clear for you, I wrote that, because I believe these plants created themselves....

Isn't that what evolution is? Species, in their response to environmental stimuli, or to take advantage of situations in their environments, altering (mutating) genetically?

So don't get your panties in a knot.


unless of course you meant this as a nice comment, as opposed to trying to out me as a creationist or something. in that case, i didn't read it that way.

Brittany Noel

I'm with you, Suze. The word "created" doesn't always mean Created. The whole post is written pretty much in a way that suggests they have evolved. I didn't read it in a Creationist way at all. Besides, everything has been created, without a "Creator" (in my scientifically supported view), out of, like you said, genetic mutation and change in climate/conditions, etc.


lesley [smidgebox]

i think this is a lovely post. i agree, i think seaweed is beautiful [if a little slimy!] and it is interesting to think of how it grows and interacts with its surroundings, all the little tendrils + wisps. thanks for sharing :)

Brittany Noel

P.S. Beautiful post :)

Clementine Cassie

oooh, I love these. Botanical prints + ocean creatures = love in my book.


Thank you for sharing these, they are gorgeous! I love the colors and they are so stunning they almost look unreal.


The middle pair are my faves. Their shapes evoke such a sense of underwater movement.


It is pretty amazing how they really look almost like watercolors on the page...I like that middle pair too...and the composition is really great in them!


gorgeous. I was just looking at botanical prints this morning from the evolution store. It must be time to purchase one!

Miss B

What an amazing find and so reasonable!

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