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Nov 09, 2009


Account Deleted

ooh....so magical, I love the way you have described it too my friend. i agree completely....magical.

bonbon oiseau

wow. i am seriously ready to get lost in your magical link,loving the pictures for realz but the image of the bird, the large dark middle of the night bird is haunting and magical. it is the stuff dreams and big deep breaths are made of and for. oxo, debs

Brittany Noel

that rug is amazing.
so is that bird. experiences like that are so incredible. yes, when we forget ourselves and realize that there is something more than our world. i'm so excited for you to have seen that bird. you may have been the only one to notice him that night!


how neat, I love those experiences.
I would be all over the google-world reading all the bird-appearing-on-window-staying-for-hours-peacefully superstitions and meanings. apparently I have lots of free time! :)


Totally-- I've resisted, because I feel like it might mean something really bad! For me, I felt like I had a protector. That's a nice feeling to have, sometimes!

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