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Nov 12, 2009



good call on that color. gorgeous!

Account Deleted

ooh....that is one gorgeous pantsuit. Yowza.....and could bring back that color all on it's own! :)

Brittany Noel

gorgeous color, Susy. i really love that bag, even though it's not the focus of the post! too bad you can't trek the woods for that color. there are beautiful colors, but not green :)

Clementine Cassie

Delish!! that hue is just so rich, I love it. There's always a worry w/emerald green that you're gonna get more oompa-loompa than sophisticated. But this green is perfect.


Yay! I know, not enough of this color in the world, is there? I am pretty sure this used to be called 'bottle green'...and it was quite popular once long ago.

Cassie you're freaking hysterical. Thank you for reminding me not to go into oompa loomps territory (no white fur trim on the dark green stuff, no pointy hats etc etc)

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