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Jan 15, 2010



I love floral in theory. I am always attracted to it and I love Liberty and well-done larger florals. I do find it difficult to mix them into my everyday wardrobe though.


Chelsea, I think "Floral In Theory" would be a great name for a company. Brilliant!

...I know. I think the last floral thing I had was a pair of insanely pastel, rose-viney pants from Sears in the 5th grade. They were cool though.

Clementine Cassie

I much prefer the deconstructed ones (a la the Stella above) than the full-on, chintz-ola ones. But I do have a soft spot for Liberty (but then, doesn't everyone?)

WAIT, Susy, I'm getting a mental image of a pair of pastel rose-vine jeans I had in junior high!! Maybe from The Limited??? Could they have been one and the same? They were hideous, in a fabulous way. Oh, great, now I have to go find a photo. I'm pretty sure I brought them with me on our exchange trip to Mexico City in 6th grade..... What a sight I must have been, huh?


Oh God, I am the only one here who likes crazy floral prints. In fact, I'm wearing one right now. Then again, I am often confused for Mrs. Furley from Three's Company.


love the stella dress!

clementine cassie -- i saw some floral jeans recently, maybe at urban outitters (online) and they reminded me of middle school too, but in a good way. i think this is a trend we'll be seeing more of.

i kind of like it in a bohemian mrs. roper way.


i had a pair of... let's call them "impressionist jeans" ... seriously, i think there were pastel colors that haven't been seen since involved.

as an aside, a shop near the studio has that stella dress in the window. it is very pretty... but i still don't think it's appropriate for anything but a middle school dance. (not that there's anything wrong with middle sch. or dancing.)


I think it was Don Knots who said "Hey, better Mrs Furley than Janet."

Serioulsly, P, you're so cute you could wear any of these and look awesome. I have bad skin and hag hair, so I can't. Maybe I'm just sour grapes on the florals. sigh.

Tita Carre

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