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Jan 12, 2010


Account Deleted

ooh....these are awesome! I love, love that sign and well......all of it! Off to check it all out....welcome back SUS!


Really love me some Factory 20!

Clementine Cassie

You're alive! Just as I was about to send the search party out for you. Well, it wasn't a real search party, just a bunch of bunnies wearing night vision goggles, but it was the best I could come up with.


While this is fabulous I would love to see the house you grew up in - it sounds great!


We used to call it a "Copronial Ranchelow" Because we thought the house had about 5 or 6 styles in it's "design".

: )


Dang, I wondered what was with all those little spy-bunnies outside my window last night! Trying to bribe it out of them with carrots didn't work. "Who sent you? Who sent you????"

Brittany Noel

Hey hey, you're back!! I love that rodeo photograph, too. The impermanence of the scene represented in the image... Great first post, Susy!

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