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Jan 14, 2010



Thank you so much for introducing me to VPL. I had never really checked them out and now I am in love! Those leggings are dynamite!


Yes, aren't they great?? I love the way she combines influences and materials to create something totally new.

I think of it as Bettie Page meets Mark Rothko? Does that make sense? : )

Clementine Cassie

Oh, wow, I very much like those knit jewelry pieces. Those tall boots, on the other hand, are for a much, much braver soul than I (*ahem*).


don't you think the boots have sort of a medical look? They remind me of a very trend-forward prosthesis.

somehow, when you see all the pieces put together on the VPL site, though...it looks a lot more wearable, if daring. ; )

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