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Jan 25, 2010



You just made my gloomy Monday! I am in need of a wardrobe overhaul & it's nice to know that someone who has great taste (you), needs one too. Thanks!


I so do need an overhaul...sigh.

I definitely make do with what I have...but there's no denying many of my clothes are threadbare. I'm not kidding...there are actually patches that are getting thin! : 0


Clementine Cassie

I'm totally in love with that striped top....and the fact that we're the same age....and still wearing clothes from HS. In fact, I'm wearing an EMS vest right now that I've had for at least 15 years. it's so not cool.


Woman, don't even get me started on my ancient...ancient...polar fleece. Literally, I think it was before they even knew what polar fleece was.

It makes me look like a huge, housebound blueberry. I like to wear it with decrepit yoga pants and two different socks.


I love the striped top and lady bugs... great picks here :)


I'm with you. I'm secretly waiting on someone to nominate me for What Not to Wear. I could use the boost.


oh my gosh! That's so funny. I totally think that every time I see that show. I play out the scene in my head..."Paper Designer on the verge of total success...but she'll never make it in that burlap sack she's wearing..." haha

cassandra @ coco+kelley

oh wow ---- the colors on the top & skirt are perfection for my spring transition obsessions - green and nude! and, of course, we must ALL have a striped top (or three) on hand these days. so chic.


okay, that striped tunic is making me swoon, but i can't for the life of me find it on the Elizabeth + James site ... which collection is it from?


Hi - yes, isn't it great? I have been analyzing just why it is so, so appealing for three days now!

I thought that was on their site- it was originally spotted on Netaporter, I think... : )

Account Deleted

oh my.....I am in love with that top and those necklaces.....yum.

Get Togetha


I happen to love fashion...but I wonder how on God's green earth do the fashionista blog's do it. They manage to look impeccably put together like 1...2...3...!

I barely can brush my teeth and eat three square's while blogging....let alone dress to impress the blogosphere...


Sigh. Tell me about it. You know, what I really wonder is...If you participate, how much of the day is spent trying pick an outfit, pose for a photo of yourself, take a photo of yourself, post it, then tell people about it. I bet it's not 1-2-3. I bet it's at least an hr and a half to 2 hrs.

I dunno. I guess I'd just rather be known for what I make, and am doing, than for what I am wearing.

I know people are going to think I'm a total stooge.

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