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Jan 28, 2010


Account Deleted

ooh...I love these! Can't wait to check them all out! Thanks hun, hope you have a fantastic week!


Hi Sweet Knees!
...yes, it is a seriously, *seriously* adorable, craftalicious and drool-inducing site. it's probably a good thing i cannot read any of the descriptions. haha xx


Am I the only one too scared to bike in Manhattan? I need to take a bike-confidence-safety class.
Hope your day is going well, this is a beautiful start!


no, i'm terrified too! but i think i have to do it. i miss being able to go directly to places. instead of having to wait. hop on the train. end up a few blocks away...

maybe i'll wear football pads while i ride, tho...


I love this palette ....muted and peaceful.

Tara Hogan

very pretty


Oh!! It´s so nice... I like so much your blog!!
Greeetings and kisses from Spain!!

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