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Feb 03, 2010


Clementine Cassie

Oh noooooooooz. You're right, Jennifer gets a pass on the cupped-in-the-hands shot for this loveliness. The depth of field is perfect, too.

Personally, I could live without seeing another person walking away from me through a field. Or mustaches and beards on sticks. Or a person walking away from me with a mustache on a stick. But I digress...

Erin @ SYL: Slipcover Your Life

LOVING this cup in your hands styled photo! Who can resist little objects? It's like we're all little squirrels wanting to hide our treasures in our nest!


Thanks for posting my work! Your insight amazes me... these houses are totally about the past-- about collecting "homes," treating them like keepsakes and investigating what "home" might mean to different people.


You're welcome.
I thought that was what the choice of porcelain and delft blue, and the small size and different styles of houses might allude to... also, the blue is traditionally used in Asian pottery - so I thought maybe there was some sort of reference there. : ) Don't ever say I'm not analytical! haha


I laughed out loud when your friend said she could'nt take anymore "I have a balloon!" photos. So, so true! I feel the same way, particularly in regards to the shots of couples partially hidden behind a large cluster of balloons.


Agreed! In my life's fantasy, cute balloons are replaced with one of those huge, obnoxious foam "#1" fingers. haha


Cassie, you continually crack me up. I love your unabashedly hysterical comments. Totally with you on the mustache. Don't even get me started on all the "keep calm" rip-offs. In my opinion, Keep Calm and Find Your Own Idea. Oh, Such snarkyness! Well, I suppose someone has to stand against. sigh.


ohmygoodness I just loved this post and the following commentary!
And I really hope Jennifer doesn't mind but Franklin is now my desktop background and current obsession. I want to cup him in my hands, buy him a moustache on stick and walk through fields looking coyly back at the camera. He can't do balloons though... no opposable thumbs you see.

Well, I've officially taken this too far.... have a wonderful weekend!


I know. I feel like we should start a "PLEASE MAKE FRANKLIN AVAILABLE TO THE MASSES" petition.

...seriously, though. I too had so much fun with this post and the ensuing commentary. I trust that many of my readers, while lovers of style, have opinions and senses of humor to match! : ) xx

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