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Feb 17, 2010



Ha ha. Thanks for clarifying that spelling. I have just been calling it "Hot Pink" for safety! Love the umbrellas. I am always drawn to that color and I'm not afraid to wear it. I have a fuchsia leather handbag!

Account Deleted

Awesome! I love this whole post you cutie! I am so sorry you have been so sick my friend. This is a bright return! :) Love that overpriced umbrella! ;)


What a great collection of fuchsia items.. I think my whole life I've been spelling and reading it as fuschia!! Haha!



me too... i knew it had a weird spelling, that i could never remember. so this weekend, i looked it up.

now that i have met Mr Fuchs, I will think of him, and know i have it right. :)


Those umbrellas are great. They would be nice turned into light fixtures! I've got that bull print and I love it!


I love fuchsia paired with blues. that umbrella is so awesome!


May I be so bold and correct Partners & Spade? That is for sure a parasol. No way they'd charge me $200 for an umbrella just to have it ruined in the rain.

And thank you for the etymology lesson! Do you have a trick for "inconvenience"? I don't even try anymore I just let the red dotted line guide me.


an absolutely perfect post. thank you


Just found your blog and love it!
Greetings from Italy,


I love the shoes.... I bought these shoes (http://katiecrackernuts.blogspot.com/2009/12/new-suede-shoes-huh-huh.html) at an antique centre late last year - similar tones of colours. Would be great to pair with those jeans.

eva / sycamore street press

love fuschia! i volunteered on an organic farm in denmark several years ago, and the owner wore head to toe fuschia every single day. and i am not even exaggerating the tinest bit! her husband wore head to toe emerald green every single day. it was pretty eccentric, but also completely charming.


those ray bans are delicious~


Yay! I'm so glad you all liked this post...I know I've been so slow at blogging lately...I have just been busy.

: )


Oh my god, that sounds like the best farm ever! I love the idea of a pink and green couple...


oooh. those shoes are looooovely. they remind me of a mondrian!


thank you so much, Federica! I'm so glad you've been liking the blog. : )


Be Bold with Gusto! I know. I can just see that thing running like crazy...and ending up looking like I'd just poured a glass of beet juice over my head.

You're so right about spell check...sometimes, though, I run up against a word I have no clue how to spell, and even my spellchecker doesn't know what I am doing.


i love... this color : )


i agree with you completely about fuchsia being leaps and bounds (and miles!) better than pink. when i was in middle school i went through a phase when i wore pink EVERY DAY! i'm so glad i got that fashion quirk out of my system at such a young age. now, fuchsia is the only form of pink for me! (mostly..)

Color Collective

cute!! love those umbrellas!

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