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Mar 31, 2010



Mine is a UV gel nail polish by IBD called Bio Black. It's not actually black it's more of a very deep, dark shade of eggplant/purple with minuscule glitters. I love it on my hands :)


oooh. that sounds like a really flattering hue! i'm going to have to check that one out, too. i love black polish, but your suggestion sounds like it's a lot more stylish, a lot less "hot topic" : )

White Cabana

My colour is red. Usually Revlon at home and OPI or whatever they have at the nail salon. Simple and dramatic all in one! I sometimes do silver or black on my toe nails to spice things up.


mmm. I have a nice red revlon here- I like a dark, Chinese laquer-y red-- not too much pink or orange in there!

Somehow it always comes off so quick, though...so I need to find a better way of sealing it. It could be because i work so much with my hands, though.

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