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Mar 15, 2010



I like the rectangular art deco purse although I'm totally not a fan of dusty rose. I'd love it in vibrant red or classic black. White would be lovely too...I'm obsessed with white!


cool or not, i love everything!


Ah, I love it that you don't like Dusty Rose. I hate it too. I don't like looking like I'm wearing something the color of dirty max factor pan cake. I had a major conflict posting these, because I can't stand pink/peach. But...the design of the objects themselves won out. Totally agree. That deco clutch would be fab in other colors...I'd like it in emerald green!


hahaha, Dusty Rose. I have to agree. When I think of Dusty Rose I can almost smell a warm, stale room with knick-knacks and cheap perfume.
But, I'm all about things that make me feel delighted, which those earrings dutifully accomplish. Thank you!


Oh my seriously pretty!! Thanks for sharing!!


I am totally loving that rectangle clutch, but I agree with you Susy and Jordana not in that pink. I would love to see it in a sapphire blue or a deep purple. I also loving those boots (both pairs) but I am not sure I could pull something like that off ;)

hena tayeb

yes yes about the deco clutch.. love it..


I almost always like your picks, but these ones, yup, exactly what I'd have chosen too.


Hey All! So glad you liked these goodies. I really have to giggle at all the non-dusty rose people out there. I tend to agree...I'm just not a big fan of that color. Lauren, I totally hear you about that color having a smell attached to it! I think I smell the same exact thing! : )


Love love love. Especially the brown boots.


These are all just too cute! I love love love a nude and soft blush palette this spring!

Yay spring :)


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