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Mar 10, 2010


Account Deleted

Not easy but, so very, very cool. I love how you put things....always. You know your stuff lady! :)

Clementine Cassie

Oh, Suzy, I'm failing your challenge!! I feel so ... mainstream. I can't look at her mouth for more than a second or two. I find myself focusing on her torso. I do really like the color blocks and scales of the shirt. They say "it's safe to look here" to me ;) Sigh. You deserve cooler readers than me! *sob*


That is not true!!! You are so super cool and I don't blame you for being a torso supporter (haha that sounded weird.)

Personally, after I get over the mouth, I look at the hair. I love the asymmetry of this entire piece...and the dark shape of the hair.


I know. I felt bad posting it because it is kind of jarring. But, she MADE me do it. : )

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