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Apr 30, 2010


Mallory - Miss Malaprop

Those are SO cute, and I love the idea behind them too. I'm all about trying to save up for things I want rather than putting everything on credit (though sometimes that's almost unavoidable), and these are such a cute reminder to save your pennies. (Literally!)


Wow, Mallory, thank you so much! I really appreciate what you have to say, and thank you for letting me know what you think of the banks.

I was really trying to get to the idea of simplicity...starting over... and building/saving from the ground. After such an economically disturbing couple of years, I felt like it was the right time to create something like this - just for fun. I like the idea of saving as a goal... and the idea that little things add up to bigger things.

I really appreciate your comment, thank you so, so much for the positive reinforcement! xx s


So cute. And desperately need at my house...the console of my car is SO full of coins. What a lovely solution...

Kaelea Ann

I really really want one of these!

Also, could you throw in a QUIT SMOKING version sealed TIGHT for my boyfriend?? He keeps doing this idea but with a jar, but i am like GAH! what's the use? you can get in it and go buy cigarettes!


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