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Apr 05, 2010


joanna goddard

what beautiful prints! i love these. i wish i had a back garden where i could put one :)


What an awesome Etsy find. I'd love to throw one of these on my fire escape right now! 88 degrees tomorrow, whoo! (But, too soon...?)


I am pretty sure the fabric is Trina Turk...

I'd so wish I had an outdoor space too!

...we're three New Yorkers without patios. sigh.


Ha! Maybe we can all go in on one...Do you think that exists in this city? Like a co-op backyard? And everyone gets a certain amount of time a month, chips in for a new grill and patio set, and you sign-up for your allotted days on a little clipboard?
Hm...I'm looking into this.


Oh my god, I think you're onto something! Seriously, I do.

The little cute clipboard is KEY though.

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