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Apr 12, 2010



I love the idea of loafers but feel like I look ridiculous in them. Maybe I'm not pairing them with the right clothing.


Okay, here is my suggestion...
For loafers to look their best, they MUST be worn with some ankle showing. So, my preference is to wear with a cropped pant.

Personally, I like a tight, cropped, slightly pegged pant. I think they look great with bare ankles...but depending, I also think they can be great with a fun, patterned or solid sock.

Also, they work with skirts - but not for everyone. I personally think they look great with a pencil skirt - to the knee.

I have also seen them look really great with a tuxedo pant and no socks...but the pant has to just brush the top of the loafer.

Obviously, I don't have much to say about this! haha

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