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Apr 21, 2010


seesaw designs

cute! love it. thanks.


Erin C.

Thank you for giving this great little card away! I will have it on hand just because.... you never know when you'll need a card like that. <3


Thanks for this download! It's so cheerful and lovely!
Regards from Barcelona,


Oh dear lord, I love this. This colorway is KILLING ME. The green? With the turquoise? And the red accents? I DIE. I'm printing this out and putting on my inspiration board right now.


Many thanks for the downloads (came via How About Orange)


You are so welcome, everyone! I am glad you like it, and the "just because" idea... it seemed like a nice phrase.
: )

Cassie, I'm glad you like the red accents... they were my way of putting a little visual challenge in there! : )

xx s


Thanks for sharing the card! I love it!!! I found you by way of "How About Orange." :)

Account Deleted

Wow....Sus. This is absolutely beautiful! Thank you so, so much you talented sweetheart! WHEN are the garlands going to be for sale? I am chomping at the bit! :)
ps can you send me your address hunnie bun? I need it for the shower invite! :)

Brittany Noel

This is so sweet, Susy! I love the colors, the green is really nice. I can't wait to see everything that you've been working on, it's so exciting!


Such a cute card :)


Just wanted to say "hi"...I found your blog (via twitter) and I am in love with your designs. Gorgeous!
Thank you for the download of the card :)


thank you! it's so pretty!
i think inside of mine i am going to write
... you're a great mom! Happy Mother's Day!


It's so pretty and I put it on my bullutin board to brighten up my room!!! Thanks a lot^^


Thank you sooo much!!! Beautiful!!!


I really appreciate this card. I was trying to make something up for my daughter for a thank you on Avery. I found you blog through Today's Creative Blog.

Zooper Tango

Just want to say thanks for the beautiful card!


this is a most adorable card. i love your art. i gave this card to my daughter the other day. thank you so much ♥

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